News and Reviews for Gingerbread Lace Quilting and Embroidering

​To our Customers.
Some companies require us to advertise items at a set price. Some of the companies even go as far to dictate when we are allowed to run a sale on the items we purchase for resale from them. This is out of our control. If we want to continue to sell the items these companies sell then we must abide by their rules. You may call us at 717-572-3282 or email us at and we would be glad to tell you our price for these items. Thank you for your understanding and continual support of our company.

***************************************************************************************************Do New and exciting Products:

Westalee ruler foot and templates allow you to quilt like you are quilting on a long arm right on your domestic sewing machine. These are great products that are easy to use and comes in many different designs. We will try and list as many as we can but if you want a design that is not listed please email us at . 

Sew Steady Tables and Inserts

These tables and inserts makes quilting easy and enjoyable. The finish allows fabric to simply glide over the surface and eliminates the tugging and pulling of your large projects.  This will make an excellent addition to your quilting room. 


Gingerbread Lace Quilting and Sewing Supplies