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Gingerbread Lace Quilting and Sewing Supplies
VIP All Inclusive - 12 Months
This is the Club for those of you that want want to build an amazing library of designs. We release 6 new collections every month at Anita Goodesign,2 Embroidery Collections, 2 Quilting Collections and 2 Project series design sets. You receive as a VIP member all 6 brand new collections every month. 
You will also receive any Special Edition, Premium and Premium Plus that are release. The possibilities of what you can do each month with all of these new collections is limitless. You also receive both the Diamond Club bonus designs as well as the Quilting Club bonus designs.
Price: $1400.00 per year plus $150.00 Shipping  or please inquiry for over seas Shipping.

Gingerbread Lace Quilting and Sewing Supplies
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Purchase a club now and receive the following Free Gifts:

​$1400.00 worth of free Anita Goodesign items of your choice.

You can choose from Mini, Full, Special Editions, Premium Editions, Premium Plus Editions, Back Issues of VIP Release, Box Sets, and more. 

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Clubs: 2 Ways to pay

VIP or VIP all Inclusive Clubs

Paid when ordered: $1400.00  plus shipping charges(US: $150.00, outside US Inquire) for the year.

Financed through us: $1400.00 plus shipping charges (US: $150.00, outside US Inquire) for the year. (Payment schedule for US purchase)
Down Payment        Monthly payment          # of payments       Other Charges
$700.00                   $85.00                              10                      None
$500.00                   $105.00                              10                      None

We do not charge any interest when you finance with us but we do hold your free items until the club is paid off.